Mould control

Mould needs moisture (clean water) to grow, it likes areas undisturbed, like corners, cupboards behind furniture.

Is there anything obvious causing excessive moisture in your home? i.e Leaking guttering outside, poorly insulated loft, failed mortar in the brickwork?

Small amount of mould – Clear area of clutter, improve air circulation and keep area clean with mould spray and use a moisture absorber, there are a lot of products available. A few examples below.


What to do if cleaning doesn’t work

If the mould is more persistent and you are unable to control by cleaning or improving air flow and the moisture absorber doesn’t work, then you may need to install ventilation in your home and use a mould resistant paint.
The final option is to install a Positive Input Ventilation system which generally addresses all mould issues. This system improves the air flow around the home

How Condensation can cause Black Mould

Most homes will feature some form of ventilation, whether it be extract fans in the bathroom or kitchen, trickle vents in the windows or, normally a feature in older properties, airbricks in the walls. Single room ventilation is effective at reducing moisture levels and cooking odours from individual rooms as long as they are running or if windows and trickle vents are open, but if your property suffers with condensation and you don’t want to lose heat during the winter months then a more robust strategy is needed to force the moisture-laden air out of every room rather than moving it round the home.

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Reducing problems with Black Mould

Its very important to remove black mould as soon as it becomes visible or if you can smell its presence find its location usually behind furniture etc, use a Black mould removal spray, if you find you are unable to keep on top if the issue a more robust measure may be necessary.

Option 1. This solution will significantly reduce condensation and the regrowth of Black mould spores

a. Removal of Black Mould with Kingfisher Black Mould remover.

b. Paint area with Anti-mould Thermapaint

Option 2. Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) This system takes out the humid air and any other pollutants and replaces it with clean filtered air, improving the air condition in your home.

Pros and Cons of using Positive Input Ventilation system (PIV)


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Are you a landlord and condensation is a common problem in your properties?

Maybe a damp survey would help to resolve ongoing issues?